Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey Neighbor, Can I Have That Weed?

Imagine it - it's a nice, warm Easter Sunday, the first warm day in weeks, and you're outside working in your garden.  Your next-door neighbor strolls over and asks "Can I have any large weeds that you find?".  You chuckle, politely, and say "Sure, no problem", while thinking to yourself "WTF is this guy on?".

Actually, my neighbor was a very good sport about it, and agreed to give me any weeds she pulls that have interesting roots on them.  I invited her and her husband in to see the layout, showed them some of my "root trees", and they were genuinely impressed.  In fact, she brought over some really neat clippings from some plant, asking if I could use them.  I have no idea what the plant is, but when I saw the clippings, I thought "there's a pine tree hidden in there":

I clipped off the little seed pods and trimmed it up a bit, then wrapped a very thin layer of fiber-fill around it.  A quick shot of gray and brown spray paint, a sprinkle of ground foam, and I have this:

It's not quite the pine tree that I had imagined, but it's a neat tree nonetheless.  Since I'm modeling late fall/early winter, I won't use it, not on this layout, but it's an interesting tree armature.  I may try another one, trimming the armature down even further.  One last photo, showing one of the original clippings side-by-side with the tree: