Monday, April 11, 2011

Details, Details

The clock is ticking, I have five weeks to complete the produce warehouse before the Thousand Lakes Region convention.  I've become quite unhappy with the eBay seller from whom I ordered the majority of my detail parts - it's soon to be three weeks since I placed the order, and none of those items have arrived yet.  Time to lodge a complaint.  Somewhere, out there, is a large assortment of wooden crates, two pot-belly stoves, and wooden barrels, all with my name on them.

I'm not totally stuck, however.  A few parts from other sources have arrived, and I've started assembling and painting those, pretty much at random.  Here's a quick roundup of what what I've done thus far....

Door handles (some rust streaks running down the door would be nice):

A record-breaking pumpkin:

A crate of onions:

A shovel and a barrel:

A hand-cart and a push broom: