Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Built To Be Topless

From day one, my intent was to have a removable roof on the produce warehouse.  The "plan" is to be able to take off the roof and one of the end walls, exposing a fully detailed interior.  Over the past three evenings, I've finished the rafter assembly, putting the final touches on it tonight.  That assembly consists of 9 rafters, with four support beams linking them together.  Each rafter and beam are notched, allowing them to interlock together (permanently glued, of course).

This entire assembly is removable:

The whole thing sits flush on top of the warehouse walls.  The clapboard siding completely hides the "seam" where the end rafters meet the end walls.

Up next - the roof itself, also removable, which will sit on top of the rafter assembly.

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