Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's All About The Tool

Last weekend I started assembling the rafters for the warehouse.  After a full week, I've managed to assemble two.  Measure, cut, swear, measure, cut, glue, measure, cut, swear, swear, measure - see a pattern here?  With the need for so many identical pieces, measuring and cutting each one individually just doesn't work.  Today, I picked up The Chopper.

I wish I'd bought one before I even started construction.  After reading the instructions, and the helpful safety tip

I was able to, in just under an hour, cut all of the pieces necessary to assemble all of the remaining rafters.  After another hour or so, I had four of them finished.  The two shown below are the original two that took all week to build.  The new ones from today are still pressed between sheets of wax paper, waiting for the glue to dry.

Three more to build, and I'm done...

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