Friday, March 25, 2011

I Say Potato, You Say...

Something has sprouted at the produce warehouse, it's no longer empty!

What you're looking at is my attempt to model sacks of potatoes.  Earlier this week, I purchased a vegetable stand kit (made by Busch), which included an assortment of scale vegetables, boxes, crates, and little plastic blobs that are supposed to be burlap sacks.  Unimpressed, I decided to try to make my own (mine's the one on the right):

The result was good enough that I decided to stick with it, and proceeded to make a dozen more, including one that has tipped over and spilled:

They're actually quite simple to make, all you need is some aluminum foil, a paper towel, white glue, and some brown and tan paint.  Start by cutting a piece of aluminum foil (the size shown worked best for my needs):

Using that piece of foil to form the basic shape of your potato sack:

Cover the foil ball with white glue:

Wrap in a small piece of paper towel:

Set aside (on wax paper) to dry:

After the glue has dried, trim the top off, and then paint.  For mine, I applied an initial coat of Railroad Tie Brown, followed by a light drybrushing of a tan craft paint.  That color combination produces a convincing "dirty burlap" look.

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