Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Perfect Paint Job

As I stated earlier, I wanted this building to look worn out.  In particular, I wanted the look of peeling paint.  At a recent NMRA division meeting, Bruce Monroe (Monroe Models) offered a tip for getting that look.  Starting with a stained surface (see my previous post), apply random patches of rubber cement to the surface.  After the cement has dried, paint the surface with the desired paint color.  After that paint has dried, gently rub the entire surface with a rubber pencil eraser.  The eraser will peel off the rubber cement (along with the paint that covers it), exposing the stained surface underneath.  Exactly what happens when the paint peels off of a real structure.

The results speak for themselves:

The "track" that the doors are attached to is a piece of L-shaped styrene, painted Grimy Black, then drybrushed with Rust.