Saturday, June 2, 2012

While We're Waiting, Anybody Thirsty?

Still waiting on my order of scale lumber to arrive, so I'm once again stalled on the depot.  To keep from doing anything productive, like home repairs or chores, I decided to start on one of the three water towers.  One will be an enclosed tower, the other two the more traditional open design.  I found plans for an enclosed tower in the January 1973 issue of Model Railroader.  Looks like a very simple project, should be fun.

I'm sticking with my new favorite construction method, matte board.  It took no time at all to put together the basic structure.

Obviously, it will take time to put the siding on (once the lumber order arrives), and the roof, and the spout and associated rigging.  That will be the challenging part, as I've never shaped brass tubing before.

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