Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mixed Results Inside and Out

Continuing with the paper construction technique, I started installing the clapboard siding on the exterior of the depot.  Just as I did with the handcar shed, I'm using scale 6" strips of a heavy paper for the siding boards.  However, it's not turning out quite the same.  For the handcar shed, I wanted the siding to look worn and "droopy", as if the shed had seen several years of hard use and neglect.  That's not the look that I want for the depot, but that's what I'm ending up with.  The paper tends to curl when cut, making it difficult to get nice, tidy straight boards.

I don't think I'm going to proceed with the paper strips for this structure.  I just place a bulk order for some scale 1" lumber in various widths - I'll try using that instead.  The siding will have to wait until that order arrives.

On a positive note - I installed part of the interior of the freight section of the depot.  Looks great!  You can see a portion of it through the open door in the photo above.  Here's another look from the other end.

It too is paper, printed on my own printer, using a texture pattern found at  I think this will be quite convincing when viewed through an open door, with some dim interior lighting.

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