Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Weed And Grass Experiments

I spent the afternoon continuing my landscaping work.  Now that the entire layout is covered in dirt, and the forest is starting to take shape, I turned my attention to groundcover vegetation.  Yep, that's right, I spent the afternoon immersed in weed and grass experiments.  It was three hours of wild and crazy colors, bizarre patterns and textures, and lots of smoke (I built a fire in the fireplace, it was cold downstairs).

The challenge was to find a blend of colors that would look like dormant winter grass - not green, but not quite brown either.  My lawn right now is sort of a greenish-gray color, or it was before it snowed today, now it's white.  After a few tries, I found the combination that I wanted:

What you see here is a mixture of Light Green static grass from Woodland Scenics, ground-up leaves from outside (same coffee-grinder mix that I used for the forest floor), and clippings from a cheap Home Depot paint brush.  I did NOT apply the grass with a static applicator, because I didn't want it to stand up.  All of the tall grasses here are drooped over or laying completely flat, typical for early winter, so that's what I wanted my model grasses to look like.  Looking around outside before the snow started falling, I think I've matched the look pretty well.

A few more shots of what I finished today: