Sunday, December 18, 2011

155 Boards

155 boards to glue down, 155 boards, glue one down and grab the next one, 154 boards to glue down...

I'm talking about floor boards for the depot.  Between errands, grocery shopping, laundry, and some other housekeeping (wife's out of town, remember?), I managed to get the depot floor framed up and all of the floor boards cut and stained.

Here's the frame, 36 scale feet wide by 66 scale feet long.  The depot itself isn't that large, but this will allow for some open dock areas around the structure:

155 floor boards, each 2"x12"x20' (in HO scale, obviously), ready for staining:

155 floor boards, stained in a 50% alcohol, 50% India ink solution:

The tedium of gluing those 155 boards to the frame has begun:

154 boards, glue one down and grab the next one, 153 boards to glue down...