Friday, February 23, 2018

Tall Drink O' Water

First post here in a very long time, but I've actually done some modeling in the past couple of months! Every railroad needs a water tank, and in a place like Northern Minnesota, where water tends to freeze for a good part of the year, that tank needs to be enclosed.

I've started construction of just such a water tank, building from scratch of course.

If all goes well, the finished product will look something like this:

The walls are my standard matte board with board-by-board plank siding.

The base of the tank is hexagonal, six walls attached to a matte board floor and ceiling:

The door and windows? Yep, built from scratch. I sort of have the window thing down to a science.

And, last but not least, there's the tank itself. I needed something round and sturdy (and cheap).

Round? Yes. Sturdy? Yes. Prototypical? Not quite. At least, not until I stripped off the labels and planked the exterior. Board by board, of course.

It's starting to look like a water tank! Needs a roof...

Up next - some shingles, a water spout, the other assorted details typically found on a water tank. Oh, and lots and lots of weathering. Stay tuned!

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