Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Confetti

Like many people, my New Year's Eve celebration involved lots of small bits of paper.  Thanks to the bad cold that I've been fighting, which triggered the occasional cough or sneeze, my bits of paper would occasionally fly through the air, like New Year's confetti.  A few pieces landed where they were supposed to - on the roof of my depot, where they're intended to look like decorative roof shingles.

I started by cutting a piece of plain white printer paper into 1.37 inch (10 scale feet) strips.  Using a special pair of craft scissors, I then cut across those strips, in 1/4-inch intervals, to produce a pile of scalloped strips.

Turning these scalloped strips into roof shingles is a simple matter of gluing (with plain white Elmer's glue) a row of strips across the bottom edge of the roof.  A second row of strips is applied, overlapping and slightly offset from the first row.  Repeat with a third row, then a fourth, and so on until the roof is covered.

As soon as I finish covering the entire roof surface, I'll paint the whole thing a dark gray color, then apply my mix of weathering chalks.  If all goes well, the end result will look like a roof covered with asphalt shingles.