Sunday, March 24, 2013

Over The River And Through The Woods

The river crossing diorama for my workshop in May is almost finished.  Thanks to some perfect late-winter overcast lighting, I was able to get a great shot outside.

For those just joining the conversation, I'm conducting a workshop in May on late autumn/early winter scenery.  Specifically, I'll be walking through the construction of a river crossing, discussing everything from ground cover to trees to the water in the river.

One of the keys to good model photography is lighting, and the gray diffused light of an overcast day is PERFECT, especially for a scene like this one.  The lighting, combined with the real trees in the background, create the illusion that you're looking at something much bigger than a model.  That photo above is pretty convincing.  The one below, taken from a completely different perspective, is much less impressive, but it clearly shows what you're looking at.

The only thing missing is the "water" in the river, which I'll be pouring later today.

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