Sunday, July 1, 2012

Plastic Glass

Another afternoon of guilt-free modeling, thanks to it being 90 million degrees outside - too hot to do anything.  I spent the time building a couple of "practice" windows, before finally settling on a technique that I like.  The technique is simple - build the upper sash first (the one in the front), then glue top and both sides of the surrounding window frame to the sash.  Build the lower sash, glue it in place behind the upper sash, the glue the bottom piece of the window frame in place.  For variety, you can build some of the windows with the lower sash partially raised, to create an open window.

Here's the pick of the litter from today's efforts:

The window "glass" is clear plastic, cut from an Atlas turnout package.  I've mentioned this in an earlier blog post, but I'll repeat it here for context.

Here's how it looks installed in the depot, with the siding partially completed around it.

One window done, 12 more to go!