Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Shell Of A Depot

If you're reading this, you may recall that I have a model railroad.  It's been a while since there was any progress to report, so you may have forgotten, I know I almost had.  Today, I turned my back on the world and retreated to the basement, and spent some quality time workin' on the railroad.

Picking up where I left off, I resumed work on the depot.  I'm surprised at how much I was able to get done.  The four walls of the main depot are framed up, pins installed AND mated to the platform.  What's that mean?  That means that there are brass pins in the four corners of the depot structure.

Those pins align with holes in the platform decking, making it easy to position the structure on the platform.  

Why is this important?  Because the structure will be removable.  I will be able to lift the depot off of the platform, revealing a detailed interior.  I'm stealing this idea from Gerry Leone, who did the exact same thing with his Lapointe Depot.

Here's a wider view, showing where the depot will sit in relation to the other structures.

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