Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turned The Corner

First end wall is full constructed, the long back wall is now framed and ready for interior and exterior finishing and windows.

These are the only two walls that will be permanently attached to the base - the other end wall and the front, along with the roof, will be removable.  I plan to fully detail the interior, after I've determined what belongs in a northern Minnesota produce warehouse in 1920.  I know that the Hill City Railroad moved a variety of produce from local farms:

"Besides the hauling of pails and timber, the Hill City Railroad also did a fair amount of traffic in farm products. "Reports from the Hill City Railway Company, show that 28 carloads of potatoes, with a minimum of 600 bushels to the car were shipped over the railroad and transferred at the Swan River junction in the month of October. This means that during that month, local farmers received at least $17,000, figuring the potatoes at an average of $1.00 per bushel, which is a low estimate of the average, for their potato crop, with many potatoes not yet shipped out. This is the greatest number of cars of potatoes ever shipped out on this line in a single month. The largest number of cars were shipped out of the Mississippi junction vicinity, Hill City contributing the next greatest....A number of cars of carrots, cabbages, and bagas [rutabagas] also were shipped and brought considerable money to this section." (Hill City News ~ Dec. 19, 1925)"