Saturday, October 20, 2012

Siding Done

It's been 44 days since my last post here.  Included in those 44 days were six weekends, two weeks without the wife around, plus 5 vacation days.  You would think I'd have made some progress on the depot during that time.  Sadly, you'd be wrong.  I haven't really touched it much until this week.  I am a pathetic excuse for a model railroader.

Aside from that, I've made some progress over the last couple of days.  The biggest achievement is finishing the clapboard siding.  It's DONE!  I've also finished building and installing all of the windows, including the bay window, and I've measured and cut the panels for the roof.  Obviously, I won't be permanently attaching that until I've decided what I'm going to do with the interior.