Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Topping Out With A Little Balsa

After a multi-day hiatus, I've finally finished the basic construction of the hand car shed.  The roof is on and the exterior is stained.  I wanted the roof to "sag" in the middle, like old roofs are prone to do.  I built the two end rafters slightly (less than 1/2 scale foot) taller than the middle ones.  My original intent was to use individual planks, laid across the rafters, for the roof deck, but I decided instead to try very thin balsa, hoping that the Elmer's glue would cause it to warp slightly.  It worked!  There's not quite as much sag as I'd hoped for, but it's there, and noticeable.  Once the shingles are on, and I paint on some mossy green stains, I think it will look quite convincing.

Left on the to-do list are the doors, the window glass. permanently gluing the building to the floor, painting, and some interior detailing.

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